Interactive Table Lamp for a Slow Life

Technology has brought us a lot of convenience. But are we mentally ready for it? Why do we often find ourselves unable to concentrate, and distracted, for example, by smart devices. We can't help texting, tweeting and surfing on our smart devices even during work. Superfluous information is flowing from everywhere. The sense of priority is fading, resulting in a precarious balance between work and amusement, real and virtual life. It’s time we ask the question - what do we really want?

Balance is inspired by a balance scale. When off, the lamp remains down. To turn on the lamp, the user must insert a smart phone into the slot on the rear. As the lamp rises, it automatically goes on. The user will be faced with the question: whether keep working, or give in to the temptation of using phone and lose light.

- This product was created in project "Do Not Disturb" advised by Professor Wolfgang Sattler at Bauhaus University Weimar.